Our charter

The Hyde and Partners Charter describes our purpose and values and how we measure our success. Our Charter is the means by which we communicate who we are, what we do, the values for which we stand as an organisation, and is the basis for our decision-making.

Our mission is to provide to Gawler and the surrounding areas a high-quality holistic independent general medical practice that is universally respected and sought-after in a business-effective model while supporting and developing our staff.

Our strategy is to be the first choice for primary medical care and training in the northern areas of Adelaide and to advocate for the best health outcomes in our community.

Our Values

Quality We maintain high standards in the treatment, diagnosis and prevention of disease where individual involvement of patient and family are an integral part of the decision making process.

Collegiality We provide a mutually supportive environment with opportunities for ongoing education and professional interaction.

Ethics We strive to behave in an ethical manner, demonstrating integrity, honesty, transparency, understanding and compassion.

CommunityWe serve our community by adding our informed voice to debate on the current and future health needs of Gawler and the closely surrounding district, and continuing to provide accessible care including to those in Residential Care Facilities and the Gawler Health Service.

We are successful when:

  • our patients value their relationships with us,
  • our people start each day with a sense of purpose and end the day with a sense of accomplishment, and
  • our operational standards and financial discipline enable our future growth.