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From Monday 30th March, our doctors will shift to delivering consults predominantly via telephone.

Our doctors can perform a large proportion of routine care via the phone. These measures are in place for your safety. We may also delay routine preventative health care, including skin checks, routine pap smears, chronic disease care plans, and routine physical examinations until risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic pass.


To book an appointment online for a telephone consult with a doctor, please visit HERE.

In most cases, telephone consults during the pandemic will be bulk-billed.


At this time, our doctors will only examine patients face-to-face if required. In this case, the doctor will schedule an appointment during your telephone assessment.

On arrival at the clinic, you will be asked to call reception to inform them that you have arrived – please continue to wait outside. You will be called and taken directly into the consulting room. While this precaution might appear extreme, it further adds to your safety.


Testing for COVID-19 is strictly limited to people who fit the criteria set by the Australian Government. If you have cold or flu symptoms, please stay home until you have been well for at least 48 hours.

If you need advice, please speak with our reception staff or visit our website to book a consult with a doctor via telephone.

Call 000 if you need urgent medical assistance.

For more information on COVID-19, please visit

UPDATE: There have been PBS changes from 1 June 2020 regarding opioid prescribing. Please book with your regular GP to discuss how these changes will affect you.

Coronavirus Health Alert

As the threat level of COVID-19 is currently low in South Australia, we’re now offering face-to-face appointments. We continue to monitor the situation in other States closely.

We also observe social distancing >1.5m and limit the number of patients in our waiting room.

If you have symptoms of the flu, a cold, or a loss of sense of smell or taste, then a COVID-19 test is necessary. If you require help to arrange this, please book a telephone consult with a GP first, and an appropriate safe review can be arranged.

For patients with other conditions who would prefer a telephone or video consult, these appointments continue to be available.

Please be aware that a private or gap fee may be incurred for telephone or video consults from 1st October 2020.

Medicare GP telehealth items are restricted to circumstances where a patient has an existing relationship with a general practice (i.e. the patient has visited a GP in the practice face-to-face in the last 12 months), other than for children aged under 12 months or patients who are homeless.

Please be assured that our clinic is COVID-19 safe, and we remain prepared to transition back to telephone triage of all consults should COVID-19 threat levels increase.