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A standard consultation of 10-15 minute duration is billed at $75.55, of which Medicare will rebate $38.75.
Leaving an out of pocket expense (gap) of $36.80.

A longer consultation will be billed at $111.85, of which Medicare will rebate $75.05. Leaving a gap of $36.80.

Concession card holders will be charged a fee of $56.75 for a standard consultation and $93.05 for a longer consultation. Leaving a gap of $18.00 after the Medicare rebate.

Gaps for both standard and longer consultations remain the same.

Our consultation fees vary in accordance with the number and complexity of issues arising during the consultation and the time taken for the consultation.

Patients experiencing financial hardship are encouraged to discuss their situation with our practice manager.

Private Health

Patients are able to claim a rebate for services provided by Allied Health Professionals. We have two Allied Health professionals working from our practice. Libby Pearson is our Podiatrist and Daiqing (Grace) Yu is our Dietitian.

The type of private health cover a patient has will determine whether they can claim a portion of the fee paid from their private health insurance. Most private health funds allow patitents to submit a claim online.


To assist patients with claiming form their private health fund we have a HiCaps machine. This allows patients to claim a benefit from their health fund at the time of their consultation with their Allied Health professional.

The patient then pays the difference (gap) between the consultation fee and their private health rebate.

At this time patients are only able to use the HiCaps machine after seeing our Podiatrist, Libby Pearson.

Medicare Claims

To assist patients with claiming from Medicare we have a Tyro machine. This allows patients to be reimbursed with their Medicare rebate at the completion of their consultation. The patient is required to pay the consultation fee in full by way of Visa, Mastercard, EFT or Cash. With the presentation of a bank card attached to a savings or cheque account we can then have the Medicare rebate transferred directly into the patients bank account.

If a patient does not have a bank card attached to a savings or cheque account, but they have previously registered their BSB and account number with Medicare, we can then send the claim electronically to Medicare. The rebate will then be transferred into the registered bank account overnight. The patient will have their rebate from Medicare the following morning.

Treatment Room

We have two treatment rooms, one in each building. We offer wound care managements, ECGs, childhood immunisations, travel immunisations and immunisations for the elderly.

Any prescription ordered by the doctor, injections are able to be given, eg B12, contraception, antipsychotic, osteoporosis, analgesia and antiemetic injections.

Plasters are done in the treatment by the doctors and then nurses are able to remove them when due.

Minor procedures including wedge resections, removal of lesions, mirenas and implanons, venesections, catheter changes are also available through the treatment room where a nurse will assist the doctor and then do a thorough clean between patients.

Nurses are required to do all ordering of consumables, pathology and Dr’s bag, remove expired drugs and restack treatment rooms, check fridges, sterilizing of instruments and clean up at the end of the day.

We also have a defibrillator on site and oxygen in both treatment rooms.

Some procedures done in the treatment room attract a $40 facility fee. Please check with our reception staff to see if the fee applies to you.

Bulk Billing

Pensioners and Health Care Card holders are charged only 1 gap per calendar month if seen by the same doctor. Children under 10 years of age may be bulk-billed at the discretion of their doctor.

Being bulk-billed by your regular Hyde and Partners doctor does not automatically apply for consultations with any other doctor of this practice.


Please be aware you may be charged a fee if you do not attend an appointment, or provide sufficient notice when cancelling an appointment so we are unable to offer the appointment to another patient.

If you need to cancel your appointment please advise our reception staff as soon as possible. Where your appointment time is after 10am you must provide at least 2 hours notice of cancellation so that your appointment can be offered to another sick patient who is waiting on a cancellation list to see a doctor that day.

Skin Clinic appointments require a minimum 24hrs notice of cancellation, otherwise a $75 late cancellation fee will be charged.


Patients may appeal non-attendance fees in writing to the practice manager.

UPDATE: There have been PBS changes from 1 June 2020 regarding opioid prescribing. Please book with your regular GP to discuss how these changes will affect you.

COVID-19 Vaccinations

Our clinic has been selected by the Australian Government to supply the Phase 1b COVID-19 vaccines. If you are eligible, please call us on 8522 3444 between 10am and 4pm to register your interest. Check your eligibility, or visit for more information. If you have further personal questions about eligibility or the COVID-19 vaccination, please book a regular or telephone consult with your usual GP.

Coronavirus Health Alert

As the threat level of COVID-19 is currently low in South Australia, we’re now offering face-to-face appointments.

To comply with the SA Government Emergency Management direction, we have a COVID-Safe Plan and require anyone attending the clinic to scan the QR code or register their details.

We continue to observe social distancing >1.5m and limit the number of patients in our waiting room.

If you have symptoms of cough, fever, sore throat, shortness of breath, or a loss of sense of smell or taste, then a COVID-19 test is necessary. Please refer to the SA Health website for a list of COVID-19 clinics and testing centres. If you are uncertain, please book a telephone consult with your GP, who will discuss and arrange a test if necessary.

Call 000 if you need urgent medical assistance.

For more information on COVID-19, please visit