GP Visits


When necessary, house calls will be made for our regular patients who live in the immediate area. Nursing staff will be able to assess the urgency of the visit.

If nursing staff assess the situation as being an emergency, they will assist you or your family in arranging an ambulance.

The following nursing/rest homes are visited regularly by members of this practice:

  • Trevu Nursing Home
  • Southern Cross Hostel
  • Wheatfields Inc.
  • Eldercare Gawler


The Gawler Health Service has no doctors on staff; patients can be admitted by GPs with admitting rights and who can visit their own patients.

Hyde and Partners doctors staff a roster to provide care for regular patients of the practice. In-patients at the Gawler Health Service may not be visited by their regular GP from Hyde and Partners every day


Your understanding in responsibly using this emergency service so that it can remain available for any emergency patients in need of urgent emergency medical intervention is appreciated.

Minor medical issues:
At any time: please make an appointment with your regular GP between 8am and 5:30pm weekdays.

Urgent medical issues, non-life threatening (triage categories 3-5):
9am – noon Saturday: after-hours service at Hyde and Partners Medical Centre
6pm – 10pm weeknights, noon – 10pm Saturday, 9am – 10pm Sunday: GP Clinic at Gawler Health Service

Accident or emergency medical issues, life threatening (triage categories 1-2):
At any time: Contact an Ambulance (Dial 000) or go directly to Accident/Emergency service at Gawler Health Service.


Hyde and Partners is open for appointments between 8am and 5:30pm weekdays.

Medical services outside these times are provided by several doctors from local medical centres including Hyde and Partners and an organisation called GP Inc. which staffs an after-hours GP Clinic based at the Gawler Health Service.

GP Inc. is a private service and will render you a fee for any services provided. There is no guarantee that you will see a doctor from your own practice; the after-hours GP Clinic service is staffed on a rotating roster.

The after-hours GP Clinic service at the Gawler Health Service operates from 6pm to 10pm each weeknight, 12pm to 10pm on Saturdays and 9am to 10pm on Sundays. The GP Clinic only deals with minor medical issues (triage category 3-5). Any serious medical issues (triage category 1-2) will be referred to the 24-hour accident and emergency service, which operates at the Gawler Health Service.

Hyde and Partners provides an after-hours service on-site at Hyde and Partners Medical Centre for emergency treatment only between 9am to 12pm on Saturdays until the GP Clinic at the Gawler Health Service opens. Any serious medical issues (triage category 1-2) will be referred to the emergency service at the Gawler Health Service.

Any patients presenting in triage categories 3-5 after 10pm when the GP Clinic closes will be assessed by a nurse and advised to make an appointment to see their normal GP the following day. After 10pm, only serious medical conditions (triage category 1-2) will be treated by the 24 hour emergency service.

UPDATE: There have been PBS changes from 1 June 2020 regarding opioid prescribing. Please book with your regular GP to discuss how these changes will affect you.

COVID-19 Vaccinations

Our clinic has been selected by the Australian Government to supply the Phase 1b COVID-19 vaccines. If you are eligible, please call us on 8522 3444 between 10am and 4pm to register your interest. Check your eligibility, or visit for more information. If you have further personal questions about eligibility or the COVID-19 vaccination, please book a regular or telephone consult with your usual GP.

Coronavirus Health Alert

As the threat level of COVID-19 is currently low in South Australia, we’re now offering face-to-face appointments.

To comply with the SA Government Emergency Management direction, we have a COVID-Safe Plan and require anyone attending the clinic to scan the QR code or register their details.

We continue to observe social distancing >1.5m and limit the number of patients in our waiting room.

If you have symptoms of cough, fever, sore throat, shortness of breath, or a loss of sense of smell or taste, then a COVID-19 test is necessary. Please refer to the SA Health website for a list of COVID-19 clinics and testing centres. If you are uncertain, please book a telephone consult with your GP, who will discuss and arrange a test if necessary.

Call 000 if you need urgent medical assistance.

For more information on COVID-19, please visit