Annette Sorianosos

Annette Sorianosos

Nurse Practitioner

Annette is a nurse practitioner endorsed by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA).  She has over two decades of experience, which has been complemented by her practice and experience working in the USA, New Zealand, Philippines and now Australia.

Annette has a keen interest in general and primary health care with a greater focus on adults and older adults.

Anette works collaboratively with your GP to provide you with better care in managing your health.  She can order, perform, supervise and interpret diagnostic and laboratory tests; make diagnoses; initiate and manage treatment, including prescribing medication and non-pharmacologic treatments; coordinate care; counselling; and educate patients, your families and the communities.

Family Health

Women's Health

Men's Health

Children's Health

Aged Care

UPDATE: There have been PBS changes from 1 June 2020 regarding opioid prescribing. Please book with your regular GP to discuss how these changes will affect you.

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